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Plus 8 was invited to have a visioning concept design for a giant mixed use in a central china city.

The site located in Longhu North financial center, which positioned as a international transportation hub. This area was planned to provide ultra-high end landmark retail for Zhengzhou city. The site located where 2 canals connect together and an important intersection of metro and light rail.

The development is to provide a mixed-use development with various experience and a waterfront lifestyle center in this business center.  It is a development combining transit, culture service and natural landscape.

The project design metaphor comes from the heritage of Chinese Jade “RU YI”and inspired by the masterplan and location of the east Zhengzhou district. Project was divided to commercial area on the north and residential area on the south.

Plus 8 proposed to cover the trees by a giant roof and build an indoor forest museum to provide 365 high quality environment for the neighborhood. In the same time, bring indoor comfort all the way to the canal by bridge and boulevard as the Eco axis. All above design to define the city icon, to identity the new landmark and ultimate destination.

Service: Architecture Concept 

Location: Zhengzhou, China

Client: Vanke Group

GFA: 352,000 sqm

Completion: 2019

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