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House O aims to create a place for people who wants to retreat from a busy life in the city.


This project carefully considers how to integrate architecture and nature perfectly. To meet this purpose, the massing rises a bit from the hill to reduce the damage of nature, and ensure a 360-degree view inside the building. In addition, House O removes most solid walls which traditionally use to define space. Instead of using furniture to define the different program in the domestic house and sink into slab accordingly to create a minimized and no view block living box.


House O partly conceals in the trees and landscape. Therefore, it is a great opportunity guests can stay in the building the and peacefully enjoy nature for calm. It is why this project calls “House Zero”, no walls, no view block and no unnecessary design.

Service: Architecture Design Competition

Location: Kunming, China

Client: Jinfang Street Office

GFA: 180 sqm

Completion: 2019

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