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Zhidong Chen

MHKIUD, Management Director, Partner

Honor Member, Guangdong Engineering Exploration and Design Association

Zhidong has diversified experience in working as an urban planner, urban designer, architect, and project manager, his experience extends to various project types coverage mixed-use development, leisure, and tourism planning, large scale urban planning, residential community, and education. Zhidong passion and commitment allow his knowledge, skill, and dedication to helping the team to ensure the quality of design and delivery to the client. Over the years, Zhidong has worked closely with government, developers, and consultants to find a common focus on building long-term partnerships with clients and understanding their aspirations.

Zhidong believes that a good designer should provide a design that has a good balance between long term vision and short term return but also implementable. And such solution can only base on a deep understanding of the client’s need and market trend.

Zhidong is also developing a comprehensive solution by providing an integrated consultant team in
the early stage of the development, which including all consultants range from financial support to the
construction management for the whole development process. He believes that’s the only way for the future consultancy services, which can provide the most efficient solution for the client.

Professional Exp

Plus 8 Consulting


Woods Bagot

Senior Associate


Senior Urban Designer


Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning (Cum Laude) KU Leuven
Leuven, Belgium

Master of Human Settlement (Cum Laude),
KU Leuven

Leuven, Belgium

Bachelor of Architecture, South China University of Technology

Guangzhou, China

Selected Projects



– Wenzhou Lucheng Incity Concept Design, Wenzhou,

China (4.3ha)

– Kuala Lumpur Raja Chulan, Residential Complex, KL,

Malaysia (4ha)

- Guiyang IFA Retail design, Vanke, Guiyang, China (10000m2)


- Sanme Retail Development, Vanke
Guiyang, China, (38000m2)


-Star City Retail Development, Facade



-Zeke Habour City International Zone 2 Plot 34,

Chongqing, China(3.6 ha)



- Moushan Lake Tourism Masterplan, Ningbo, China(18m2)


- Travel with Light masterplan,

Xichang, Sichuan (60Ha)

- Vanke Caohai Masterplan,

Kunming ( 873Ha)

-Hoi An South Masterplan,

Danang, Vietnam (1500ha)


- Xiangjiang International Culture Tourism New Town (masterplan, Urban Design,

– Tanjung Aru Beachfront, Kota Kinabula, Sabah,
Malaysia (200 ha, GFA 1million m2)


– Southern University of Science & Technology, campus design,

Shenzhen, China (200 ha)

– Ackruti City Gold University, campus design,
Ahmedabad, India (25 ha)

– Ackruti Zeus SEZMasterplan, detailed
masterplan, Ahmedabad,
India (60 ha)
– Hangzhou Normal
University Campus,
Hangzhou, China (230 ha)
(Design competition)
– Dalian Raycom Concept
Masterplan, Dalian,
China (1,000 ha) (Design

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