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Under the trend of globalization, a city well known for its nature and history needs to explore a new development model—leading development, natural ecology, caring community, and a model of homecoming development. Vanke Erhai Dream City, is the city that belongs to the Dali and Erhai Lake.

The infrastructure of the Airport Road and the Wetland Park on the seaside make the base to ensure that the entire new city is located on the ecological and natural base and can effectively drive business people. Planning the urban public space in a way combined with the traditional residential layout of Dali, the style of the three squares and the wall, turns the project into the “city hall” of Dali. People come to the dream city without a strong purpose but to spend their leisure time in it, enjoy the convenience and experience the refreshing leisure feeling of the flower pool.

At the same time, all the buildings are designed facing the Lake, providing the most open view of the Erhai Lake to the west. Also we create a sky courtyard on the tower, set people free from the daily pressure when they enter the project, and enjoy the comfortable experience of watching the Lake in the private courtyards at different heights.

Close to the northern airport to is the portal area, where a residential landmark is built as the most Erhai Style high-end resort with vertical public space implanted into it. At the southern end of the project, a city experience hall is designed to drive the urban flow from the south. To taste Dali, start from here.

Service: Tourism, New Town Planning

Location: Dali, Yunnan

Client: Vanke, Southwest

Study Area: 5 skm

Urban Design Area: 0.7 skm

Completion: 2020

Design Team: Zhidong Chen, Canny Ma, Jingheng Lao, Joseph Song, Tony Tang, Vivien Cui, Helen Wu, Xiaoying Huang

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