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Home, Garden, Community

A New Paradigm of Biophilia

Yuanzhen Song


Different than Shenzhen, Hong Kong is famous for tiny little yet luxury housings - even smaller than a parking slot sometimes. Whereas, the city tends to be more generous to public open spaces. High-density development is an inevitable process of urban development. However, in this situation, how can we redefine a more humane way of living? 

We think the keyword is Neighborhood. We want to create an environment where people can live here, play here, and enjoy here. This can be done through a design framework of "Home, Garden, and Community", which focuses on various open space in various respective scale we design. Through this strategy, we can significantly change the ecological relevant index of a community.  20sqm of Home Garden outbeats 20sqm indoor space. 


Home, Garden, Community, Neighborhood, Design methodology, Biophilia.

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