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Feb 01, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that our retail design, SCPG InCity in Wenzhou, is awarded the Huateng Golden Award 2020 by the 16th China International Architectural Decoration And Design Art Fair, in the category of "2019-2020 Architecture Schematic Design Among Asia-Pacific Chinese Designer "

China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair (CIDF) for short, was born in 2005. After more than ten years of accumulation, it has now developed into the most authoritative international The most advanced annual design event.

Huateng Award aims to discover and promote good design in the Asia-Pacific, so that the world can fully experience the power of Asian-Pacific Chinese design. A win-win situation provides a powerful reference. Thousands of outstanding Chinese design representatives meet each other because of design and face the future directly because of responsibility.

Since the establishment of the Huateng Expo, the entries have all come from outstanding designers and design institutions from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, France and other countries and regions.

Plus 8 Retail Design Director, Zhidong Chen, is awarded The Most Retail-Valuable Designer in the same Huateng Award.

华腾奨榮譽証書_project(溫州).pdf - Adobe Acrobat
华腾奨榮譽証書_(ZC).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
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