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This project is located in the commercial center of Guiyang, Zhonghua Northern Road. the concept is to create a 24/7 lifestyle hub integrated with high-end service apartment and retail F&B in the heart of the city to support the growing financing industry. The concept initials from target group command and site surroundings, aims to create “a high-quality leisure space with exquisite living facilities in central city“.

The façade of Emerald International Sales Office is simple and stylish. The glass wall adapts ultra-white glass to create a glass box. The aluminum façade of the front and the patterned glazed glass bring a simple and noble effect. The vertical spacing of the vertical aluminum strip and the glass panel creates rich and uncomplicated details and creates different levels to enhance the effect.
Guiyang Emerald International Sales Office adopts modern style, and the requirements for the façade materials are quite high. In terms of the material, the main body of walls uses clear glass, aluminum material and patterned glazed glass; in terms of the color, silver gray and dark gray are applied to show the temperament and style of the building.

Service: Retail Facade and Interior Design

Location: Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Client: Vanke, Guiyang

GFA: appx. 10,000 sqm

Completion: 2018

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