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Plus 8 Consulting Listed as 1/20 Urban Design Practices in Hong Kong by HKUID

September 19rd, 2019

Plus 8 was certified by the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD) as one of 20 Urban Design Practices in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's previous planning thinking is dominated by engineering, and urban design is more functional than design. Urban design that is not human-centered is often misunderstood as the work is done is limited to trapping. Deng Wenbin, former deputy director of the Architectural Services Department and former chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, believes that urban design is not just about a "makeup artist", but that the future of the city is hand-painted and the life is more livable.

In order to better guide the concepts and principles adopted by the urban design industry, the Institute is discussing with the Planning Department to update the Urban Design Guidelines. It is expected to be completed as soon as possible in 2020. A bright future. The list of registered companies made this time is also intended to provide a reference for the government. Currently, only 20 companies are on the list, and several companies are currently reviewing applications.

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