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Forum "Future Construction, Constructing Future" - Chongqing

May 14 - 17, 2019

On May 14-17, Chen Zhidong, the partner of Plus 8 Consulting, was invited to participate in the Hong Kong City Construction Service Industry Delegation led by HKTDC to visit Chongqing to attend the “Future Construction, Congstructing Future” Forum and give a speech in the special forum. After that, he visited the relevant enterprises, institutions and key projects of Chongqing urban construction and development.


To tie in with the national policy, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council actively encourages Hong Kong's urban construction service industry to participate more in the development of the country's urbanization and to leverage the industry's professional experience and advantages in urban construction services to share experiences with mainland enterprises and policymakers. The forum aims to introduce the advantages of Hong Kong's urban construction services industry to the Chongqing Municipal Government and enterprises with the “Urban Construction·Dangang Forum” to assist Chongqing in the development of urban planning and cultural heritage projects related to urban construction.

In the “Planning and Integration of Multi-Dimensional Space in Cities” sub-forum, Plus 8 partner Chen Zhidong, with the theme of “Using Building Networking to Create a People-Oriented Urban Environment”, combined with past project experience, introduced the design of Plus 8 for the urban environmental concept.


At the subsequent luncheon, Mr. Chen Zhidong communicated with the government and enterprises in Da Nang to discuss the experience and ideas of urban construction and seek business expansion plans.

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