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Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Program
at PolyU

September 1st, 2019

Since February 2019, Plus 8 has participated in a series of forums on the different themes of the “Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Program” launched by the SAR Government.


The “Belt and Road Initiative” has created a new platform for international and regional collaboration, and it has also brought rare opportunities and challenges. To equip and meet these opportunities, Hong Kong professionals must first understand the cultural and economic differences between different countries and regions in order to take advantage of their unique advantages.
To this end, the School of Advanced Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has launched a cross-professional course for Hong Kong accounting, legal and construction professionals.
The course consists of 7 workshops and 2 sharing sessions. It aims to build a comprehensive communication platform for different professional sectors, allowing practitioners to exchange experiences in international project cooperation, strengthen contacts and explore new business opportunities in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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Each issue of the forum involves different topics, and each topic has experts from different fields or senior industry professionals to share experiences from multiple perspectives. Plus 8 takes this opportunity to learn not only the experience of professionals in various fields such as financing, engineering, risk management, and the Internet but also the benefits of inter-professional exchanges at home and abroad.

Plus 8 responded to the national call to actively expand the Belt and Road project. The completed, ongoing and ongoing projects are all over the Belt and Road, including Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and other countries.

Partner Roshan Gurung said: "The Belt and Road has brought us more opportunities and challenges." Plus 8 Collaborate with international consulting companies and local companies to actively develop the Belt and Road market.

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