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Smarter-ness as a Process

How City Gets Smarter Next

Jingheng Lao, Baojun (Canny) Ma


Learning from various discussions and practices, we realize that Smart City should be beyond Sensor City. The history of both theoretical and practical urban development proves that rather than a definition of a goal statement, Smart City is a process where City getting Smarter – the “Smarter-ness”, which is a property inherent to cities. According to the case studies, the Smarter-ness is more than physical improvement and actually includes cognitive networks and spatial networks. The modernity of a masterplan is just a part of the spatial networks, i.e., it is neither a sufficient nor a necessary condition for a Smart City. At the end, we try to find out the efficient balance point between the two aspects of the Smarter-ness through our case studies and project practice.


smart city, Smarter-ness, urban planning, cognitive networks, spatial networks

Published in:

Paper Compilation for Urban Study in the Smart Era, Tongji University, South University of Technology

20190329_Smart City in Progress_EN3.jpg
20190329_Smart City in Progress_EN.jpg
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