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The framework of this planning and design is about 12 square kilometers, and the planned area of ​​the core starting area is about 3.5 square kilometers, which can be roughly divided into four blocks of ABCD. In the design process, we always grasp the following five principles:

1. The regional coordination of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Dongwan District, and the interpretation and docking with the superior planning, so that the development of the new district is both integrated and distinctive;

2. At the same time, in the perspective of high-end and internationalization, we will create a refined and humanized new district function and image, and explore new smart city models;

3. Highlight the rich local historical and cultural resources;

4. Maximize the green space for people to communicate with nature;

5. Take into account the market needs of staged development and flexible development.

This project superimposes the four plots with the existing water system green network, infrastructure, and construction projects of the base, and uses this as the backbone of the space; on the backbone, four vertical and horizontal plots, we focus on refining and building things. The Ping An Avenue to the south, and the green belt of the Nanrigang Center in the north-south direction, intersect each other to form a Smart Cross, a hybrid cross-image.

In the transportation system, this program upgrades the original road pattern, highlighting the “four vertical and two horizontal” main road skeletons, taking Modern Avenue and Baidian Highway as the east-west trunk line, taking Wuzhen Avenue, Yingbin Avenue and Fenghuang Avenue as the north and south. The trunk line is intended to create the People’s Road to become a landscaped boulevard, connecting Unicom to Wuzhen. Improve the appropriate road network density above this skeleton to effectively evacuate the flow of people. With the completion of the Hangtong track, the comprehensive transportation system has been further improved. For three different urban lifestyles, road sections and intersections dominated by pedestrian and public transportation were implemented, and SMART devices were set for different road sections. Realize the construction and sharing of public services, municipal office and living services on the smart city cloud platform.

In the ecosystem, it conforms to the original water network and green space texture of the base, gathers and grows, strengthens and complements each other, creates four ecological nodes and landscape corridors, realizes up to 50% of the water network open space, creates an ecological floor, and allows the city to breathe. . On the ecological bottom plate, the ABCD block forms three major areas with its core energy center and radiation. Each area is driven by its core functions to jointly create twelve composite community groups.

Relying on the above framework, the core start-up area with a planned area of ​​about 3.5 square kilometers will cover from high-speed rail to smart innovation portal, from industry to intelligent experimental park, from rural to intelligent ecological home, from education to Zhiyan science and education school.

Area A - Smart Innovation Portal

Area A will be the core of the mid-town of Tongxiang New Economic City. It is also the portal image felt by the Tongxiang High-speed Railway Station. It is completely different from the traditional concept of CBD or industrial park, but it is highly functional and suitable. Living.

Area B - Intelligent Experiment Park

Here is an "ideal country". We boldly imagine that in the near future, the development of the smart city of the leaders will be from here to the world.

Area C - Smart Ecological Home

Here, the smart home is external, with the waters of the village as the core, applying the theme of fish and vegetables in the community, and re-giving the urban people a pastoral dream. The core of the region is the Tongxiang Cultural Discovery Center and the Medical Center.

Area D - Zhiyan Science and Education Base

The streets, parks, plazas, and communities here interspersed with the functions of colleges, cities, sports and leisure. The streets and lanes are full of thick book flavors and are the incubators of the new generation of start-ups.

Service: Masterplan and Urban Design

Location: Tongxiang, Zhejiang

Client: Ping'an China Ltd.

GFA: 3.37 million sqm

Study Area: 21 skm

Urban Design Area: 5 skm

Completion: 2019

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