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Plus 8 been brought in in the caiyun lake retail project based on our track record in retail design as well as our experience deal with the leveling. It is a complicated site, basically the site is a hill with around 20 meters high, right next to a pass by road, with electric tower in one site and high volt cable cutting through. You can enjoy th open view to the south on top of the hill, especially can see Caiyun lake which just 2 block away to the south west.

The strategy is to use retail as a bridge to connect the residential community on top of the hill to the main road in the front. The retail run along the main road to have a 280 meter exposure while residential have exclusive private garden on the of the hill. 

The retail site is linear L shape site on the south east on the development, we divided the whole retail to 3 different platform to absorb the 14 meters level different, to build a very typical Chongqing style semi outdoor retail street, more importantly dedicated plazas was created in different level for facilitate different functions, the lower main retail entrance in south east corner, the upper retail street entrance to the west and the residential entrance plaza in the middle.  

The total retail GFA is 45,000 sqm, and plus 8 responsible for the retail concept design.

Service: Retail Concept Design

Location: Chongqing, China

Client: Vanke Group

GFA: 45,000m2

Design: 2018

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