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Our Story
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Our Story

Plus 8 Consulting combines international experience, design integrity, and local understanding to create successful destinations underpinned by commercial awareness. Our dedicated team of designers and professionals draw on their collective experience across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe providing innovative, yet cost-effective design solutions with creative flair and commercial sustainability.

Our work is diverse both in terms of scope and locale, from large scale urban and tourism planning, mixed-use developments, stand-alone resort leisure building to interior design.

Starting from September 2019, Plus 8 Consulting is officially registered by HKIUD as one of the 20 listed urban design practice in Hong Kong.

We are at the forefront of the future of design, incorporating the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the traditional design process. We believe that technology should enhance and support the design process, not replace it. Our approach to applying new technology to design is rooted in design thinking, which involves empathizing with our clients and understanding their needs, defining the problem, ideating potential solutions, prototyping, and testing. We believe that design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing object, but also about creating functional and sustainable solutions that positively impact the world we live in.

Our team of experienced designers are using latest technologies to optimize the design process, streamline workflows, and enhance the creativity of our designs. We are in the frontier to utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to help us make informed design decisions.

At our cutting-edge architectural design consultant firm, we believe that new technology can be applied to design projects in many innovative ways to improve efficiency, optimize space utilization, and create new retail models. By applying new technology in our design projects, we can create more efficient, innovative, and sustainable designs that meet the needs of our clients and the end users.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in every project we undertake. We believe that the future of design lies in the intersection of technology, creativity, and sustainability, and we strive to lead the way in this exciting field.

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Avril Sim

I believe a successful design is a balanced combination of creative, functional/experiential focus and rigorous design, respecting the context and environment, while holding on to unique identity.

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