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How do we transform A Wenchong Shipyard Industrial Zone full of waterfront memories, a unit community that carries the memories of a generation, to a destination in the post-epidemic era?

Plus 8 believes in the power of time, distance, experience, and taste, and hopes create a gravitational explosion point for high-frequency experience and achieve a personalized experience for all ages.
The site is located on the edge of the busy Huangpu Avenue. We hope to create a vibrant and porous system that connects the city’s traffic, new lifestyles and places of civic activity, and forms a new destination in Dongyan City, Guangzhou.

Twelve interesting highlights were designed throughout the venue: from the art hall to the living theater, from the sports complex to the children’s playground. We hope to create a new form of new retail and activate a new Lohas experience in the city.

Service: Architecture Design

Location: Guangzhou, China

Client: KWG Group

Retail GFA: 125,500 sqm

Design Completion: 2020

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