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Plus-8, at the invitation of Zhengzhou Vanke, designed and built the future life vision of Zhengzhou, a city in central China. Zhengzhou, as China’s new first-tier city and China’s central city, carries an important role as a ground transportation hub. At the same time, Zhengzhou, as the capital of Henan, the most populous province, brings together a large number of young people. Crowded city life, poor air quality, and relatively high house prices have become a huge living resistance for contemporary Zhengzhou young people.

Plus-8 believes that contemporary young people are more realistic and can more clearly recognize their needs. Escape from the city, the idyllic life is what young people long for; a perfect urban life circle and convenient supporting services are also indispensable.

The Vanke Ecological Multi-City project provides a beautiful natural environment and convenient urban services for the young generation of Zhengzhou in the contemporary era, and will become a disruptor in the context of urban renewal. Its first exhibition area will become a preview of a better life in the future, and it is an advance presentation of poetry and the vision of a future life in the distance.

Service: Architecture Design

Location: Zhengzhou, China

Client: Vanke

GFA: 6,200 sqm

Completion: 2020

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