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1st Place! Plus 8 Consortium won the International Consultation on Planning and Design of the Chishi River in Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone

September 23rd, 2020

Our project "Diver City" won the first place in the International Consultation on Planning and Design of the Chishi River in Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone!


In the competition, Plus 8 Consulting (urban design major) worked in a consortium with Power China East China Survey(consortium leader and water conservancy major), Lingnan Design Group Co. (landscape professional)and NL Urban Solutions (general control and ecology major from Netherlands).

This competition has received a total of 37 design agency consortiums (a total of 90 design units) registration materials, including top planning and design forces from China, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and other 6 countries. As Mr. Tang Kai, the chairman of the expert review committee, said, "the specifications and the level are completely beyond imagination".


The expert team members of the review panel are:

Wu Zhiqiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (online participation);

Tang Kai, president of the China Urban Planning Association;

Zhu Rongyuan, deputy chief planner of China Urban Planning and Design Institute; founding partner, chairman, and design director of Madasiban Ma Qingyun;

Wang Xianfang, Director of the Science and Technology Committee of the Pearl River Water Conservancy Research Institute;

Ha Wenmei, Director and Director of Water Resources Management of the Netherlands Kaidisi (China);

Aileen Burkhart, a partner of BEM landscape architect and urban planner firm (online Participation);

Mike Pat, Asia Design Director of McGregor Coxall ;

Pang Wei, General Manager and Chief Designer of Guangzhou Turen Landscape Consulting Co., Ltd.

On September 10, after listening to the finalists' reports, research and discussions and multiple rounds of discussions and reviews, the top three winning consortia of the international consultation were selected by registered voting.

Mr. Tang Kai, the chairman of the expert review committee, said that compared with other riverside areas, this competition aimed not only to design the landscape on both sides of the river, but also to plan the relationship between the landscape and the city in combination with the overall topography, depicting ecology, safety and resilience. The Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone has been laid out and planned ahead of schedule, which is very meaningful.

And a question of Mr. Pang deserves our deep consideration: the city is so heavy, how do you put her gently within the mountains and waters?


The Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone is a new development of regional coordinated development. It is version 5.0 of China's poverty alleviation program. In 2019, it was upgraded from a Guangdong strategy to a national strategy, which was written into the history of human development. The 36.8 km-long Chishi River is the largest river in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone and the mother river of the people of Shenshan. In the future, the positioning of the new city is very high, and it will grow from nothing to 1.5 million in a very short period of time.

Along the Chishi River, a series of ecological elements such as mountains, sea, forests, fields, lakes and grasses in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone, as well as human elements such as towns, villages, and ferry crossings, constitute the most diverse natural and human ecological landscape system in the entire region. Its ecological value and functional value constitute a city window for high-quality construction and sustainable development in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence to do a good job in the planning and design of the two banks of the Chishi River.


This design is an unprecedented combination of four companies. The running-in of the four units from different fields and different backgrounds is destined to be difficult, but it is also the complementary advantages and our respective persistence that have brought gratifying results. The other 5 shortlisted design consortia are all top international teams, and we are deeply honored to be able to compete with them.

6 shortlisted design institutes (without distinction):

1. Power China East China Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. + NL Urban Solutions B.V. + Zonghang Consulting Co., Ltd. + Lingnan Design Group Co., Ltd. (Consortium)

2. MLA+ B.V. + Daishui Road Landscape Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Consortium)

3. Shenzhen University Urban Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. + Sweco International AB (consortium)

4. B.Landscape Arquitectura y Urbanismo, S.L. + Shenzhen Diversity Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. + Shenzhen Oubo Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd. (Consortium)

5. SWA Group + Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute + Shenzhen Water Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (Consortium)

6. KCAP B.V.

Chishi River carries a special mission. It will become the safety barrier of the new city, the ecological main axis, and the main interface for the integration of urban and rural areas. How to build a resilient city? How to improve ecological value? How to protect the current rural culture in the future urbanization process?

Plus 8 will continue to work with all units of the consortium to improve the overall plan and provide better solutions for the planning and design of Shenshan Chishi River with global wisdom.


#Tough times never last, but tough people do. #

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