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2017 is known as the ‘New Retail First Year’. Traditional retail ages are over, and the new retail time is coming where online, offline and logistics are combined together. ‘New Retail Principle’ comes from ‘Location is still everything’ by Prof. David R. Bell of Wharton School of Business. New Retail is a reconstitution of people, goods, places, where all partnership is reconstructed and efficiency is promoted. Plus 8 reorganized the retail logic, piloted the 「platform + retail」 system, in which ‘new retail’ anchors are arranged on the weak part of retail flow, making a gathering place that residents have never experienced.


Plus 8 is invited to design the only fun destination in Airport New Town, at the same time the first family shopping center of Chongqing. Due to large amounts of commercial development expected in the Central Park area near the project, the original design that began in 2014 needs to be adjusted in terms of positioning to comply with the new retail trend.

The building is surrounded by multiple requirements and needs, holding multiple ecology like ocean. Different location and materials are linked together with waving ribbons, in which higher exposed locations like street facade are in more vibrant and exciting design to attract people. The façade design is inspired by the moment when shark jumps out of water. The street side can raise exposure to the mall, while the inner side enjoys a more gentle design, providing a leisurely free communication space for coming people and contributing to the interactivity of the inner street.

This will become a unique new business card and community focus that detonates vitality in Airport New Town. It will create great retail prosper, family happiness and neighbour harmony!

Inspired by the ripples of the water, the design divides the façade into a large area of LED and billboards and a large interactive area within the inner square of the glass and terrace based on the visibility of the main street and the interaction with the central plaza.

In the southern main square, the image of the saw-tooth whale is combined with the existing marine themed landscape.

In the central square covered by the sky, a large number of children’s play facilities and activities are planted to create a “big joyful little world” that is rich in experience and suitable for the surrounding residents.

Service: Retail Architecture Design

Location: Chongqing, China

Client: Zeke Group, Chongqing

GFA: 30,420 sqm

Completion: 2018

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