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The coexistence of modern culture and traditional history is the foundation of Shanghai’s urban culture.


In Shanghai, there is both the solemn and heavyweight of the CCP’s first-class conference site, as well as the fashion avant-garde of Xintiandi; both the traditional simplicity of the Chenghuang Temple and the fashionable trend of Huaihai Road; both the leisurely tranquility in the Hongkou District concession and the world-class financial district of Lujiazui fast-paced.


Here tradition and fashion, inherent and modern, historical and modern, old houses and skyscrapers, two completely different cognitions and things can exist in a city without affecting each other. The two collide in the long river of time, conflict, but coexist in symbiosis, complement each other and blend ingeniously. It seems that everyone can find their own stage in this city.


Hongshoufang was built during the 1920s. Most of the buildings are two-story brick and timber structures in compact layout without independent toilets and cooking equipment. They are typical Grade 2 Old Lilong Buildings.


We want to create ‘A Theatre of Exploration & Discovery’


An oasis in the heart of the city, an urban hub and social universe where we bring together complementary partners, people, products, services, retailers and experiences to form a vibrant, creative, collaborative community in a heritage cityscape.

Service: Architecture Design

Location: Shanghai, China

Client: Shuion Group

GFA: 91,757 sqm

Retail Part: 14,990 sqm

Office Part: 44,027

Completion: 2019

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