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Every city has such a street, which is the most beautiful place in a city, and the soul of the city.

Plus-8 consulting’s Vanke Jiuqu River display area design, adhering to the superior planning design (designed by plus-8 consulting planning) - Dali Water Street, continues the urban public property belt while at the same time conforms to the Dali context, creates a new node of artistic life experience. The design of the exhibition area is inspired by the flowing stone, the curved cornice design fits the wetland ecological landscape, and the large glass facade design creates the transparency and floating feeling of the building itself. The building’s volume emphasizes the horizontal extension, matching the mirror waterscape, creating a literary and fresh holiday IP.

Service: Architecture Design

Location: Kunming, China

Client: Vanke Kunming

GFA: 2,200 sqm

Completion: 2018

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