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The theme of the whole building is wrapped in the surrounding natural environment, born in nature but hidden in nature.

The building function is bounded by the open-air atrium in the middle, divided into a public activity space in the north and a private experience space in the south.

All the rooms open to the south and enjoy the undisturbed views of the mountains and return to nature.
The public space is divided into a visitor area, an exhibition area, a book area, a dining area, and a self-contained Zen room.

The Zen room is located at the end of the main entrance passage. Users need to walk through the long brick wall corridor to experience the change of space from virtual to solid, to feel the harmony of light and shadow, and to sculpt the soul in the process.

The program will use Yunnan’s local materials - bauxite and clay bricks (concrete skeleton). The combination of red clay and white brick symbolizes the past and future of the land.

It aims to create a building that is born of nature, hides in nature, and returns to nature.

Service: Architecture Competition

Location: Kunming, China

Client: Jinfang Subdistrict Office

GFA: 270 sqm

Completion: 2019

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