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As the only surviving relic in the village, the current status of the building is a quadrangle courtyard. 
The plan first carries out value assessments, first dismantling the volume of the quadrangle that has no retained value and has been completely out of repair. At the “wound”, we apply native bauxite materials in a modern and concise form, contrasting with the history we have preserved. 

The building has only one entrance that is invisible to the inner lane. We turn the entrance volume into a small corner so that the entrance of the folk custom is magnified here, forming a modern sense of entrance to the “suspended box.” 

The plan has two courtyards - Morning Yard and a Night Yard. Transparent first-floor space allows the two courtyards to look at each other. 

We design a total of 12 rooms in the building, each room has a skylight looking into the sky. When you are bathing, you can look up to the stars that one can’t see in the city.

Service: Architecture Competition

Location: Kunming, China

Client: Jinfang Subdistrict Office

GFA: 372 sqm

Completion: 2019

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