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The project is positioned as an ultra high-end neighbourhood for the elite upper class in Hubei province. Classical façade design clad in stone symbolizes prestige and exclusiveness. The masterplan and landscape design integrates social, recreational and cultural activities creating an attractive environment and quality of life.

Taking the subway as the starting point and taking the public facilities group as the destination, creating an inward-oriented commercial district to drive traffic, maximizing business vitality.

The axis of life runs through the high-end private club group to connect the center public facilities group and the second phase of Zhongyi Garden to create a living avenue. The private club group has European courtyards that can be used as private custom outdoor activities and wedding venues.

Service: Mix-use Architecture and Masterplan

Location: Wuhan, China

Client: Kenyes(HK)

GFA: 135,000 sqm

Completion: 2017

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