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Kunming serves as the important point in the “One Belt and One Road” and Chang Jiang economical belt is growing gradually to be a regional central city that stands on the southwest of China, facing to the whole country, with a wide market in Southeast Asia. Kunming Vitality City will be the base point of igniting the city, the intercontinental stadium is mean to be located right here for culture and sports event of South Asia.

From the urban design aspect, cultural, sports and commercial buildings are arranged along Qiong Wang Road with more visual exposure, to create a multi-experienced public spatial sequence from the new developed metro station to the stadium. Commercial complex – People activity center – Fine education center – Art and exhibition center – Stadium is offering an exciting circulation which is integrating best value into urban design principles. Residential area planning initials from living quality is trying to provide abundant meeting areas, green space, educational facilities and comfortable jogging route for a brand new livable community.

Service: Mix-use Planning

Location: Kunming, Yunnan

Client: Vanke, Kunming

GFA: 1,339,190 sqm

Completion: 2017

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