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The first phase of development is centered around the cultural tourism node, with the goal of tourism transit, connecting the theme park in the west and the core of regional education. Develop wetland ecological parks on the basis of the current water system, build ecological nodes, develop ecological hotels, and connect the rural farms in the easternmost part of the site to create an ecological environment suitable for living and working. In the transportation system planning, the connecting section of the Tourism Service Node and the Monkey Mountain Theme Park has a lower road, creating a car-free environment for the flow of people. The main entrance of all residential areas should try to avoid the setting of small train sections, and a large loop line connects all residential areas in series.

In the landscape planning structure, fully consider the connection and interaction between the entrance gateway park and the monkey mountain cultural tourism section. In the spatial sequence, three distinctive portal landscape nodes, namely, the Civic Life Park, the Township Crossroads, and the Monkey Mountain Paradise Commercial District, are connected in series, and the functional landscape plaza and garden are distributed in the middle to create 1.2 A kilometer-long continuous walking experience.

Choosing a well-known ancient building in Shaoguan, Guangzhou, using the method of redevelopment, the cultural protection building was transplanted into the base, and the unique old town square was added to add a cultural heritage to the project.

The Vibrant Promenade starts from the theme park and ends at the main square. The venue is 600 meter wide and there are commercials along the street. The promenade is connected in series with four Hexin Squares, and the external streamline of the commercial group is connected.

Service: Masterplan and Urban Design

Location: Shaoguan, Guangdong

Client: Confidential

GFA: Confidential

Completion: 2018

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