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The site is a bit distanced from the town center, with the unique advantages of mountain and water resources and being adjacent to the university town and the main scenic spots of Guiyang. It has the potential to develop tourism, living facilities, and incubation of emerging industries.

The project integrates the university town nearby, Banqiao Art Village, the large-scale cultural and recreational facilities to be built and the natural landscape of mountain and water, with the existing art village in the site as the core, detonating the regional artistic and cultural vitality
In the planning, the “one-core, one-axis, one-ring and multi-group” structure is designed and runs through the core area of ​​the composite city.

When planning business, in addition to considering the space retreat of business and roads, and the introduction of vitality, we also take into account the actual needs of residents and consider community-level business as a necessary condition for commercial design, including community-supported businesses, comprehensive commercial blocks, and fresh Supermarket, etc.

The landscape system follows the principle of ecological priority of sponge city construction, combines natural and artificial measures, maximizes the accumulation, penetration, and purification of rainwater in urban areas and promotes the utilization of rainwater resources on the premise of ensuring urban drainage and flood control. And it also aims at ecological environment protection.

Service: Urban Design

Location: Guiyang, Guizhou

Client: Confidential

GFA: appx. 1,300,000 sqm

Completion: 2018

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