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With the rapid development of economy, culture and science and technology in recent years, this “literature name and the name of the eastern Zhejiang” ranks among the best in the national strong county and city evaluations, showing strong comprehensive strength, and the lake area as the fastest economic development.


One of the regions, in the turbulent economic tide, shows her spirit of the tide in her own unique way. As a pure land under the rapid urbanization of the Yangtze River Delta, the Lake District will assume the role of “urban living room”. The high-quality natural mountain water resources need to be integrated and developed, and the rich historical and cultural resources are waiting to be passed down and carried forward.


This project is an in-depth exploration of the internal relationship between “culture” and “natural resources”. It is a great inheritance of Yangming’s psychology, a profound exploration of industrial resource integration, and an innovative pilot for the military-civilian integration industry. It is a new practice of wisdom and well-being.

Service: Masterplan and Urban Design

Location: Zhejiang

Client: Confidential

GFA: Confidential

Completion: 2018

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